Verify your sterilisation without compromise with an innovative adhesive label

Our solution is suitable for the medical, pharmaceutical, food, research laboratory, cosmetics and personal care industries. It gives sterilisation professionals peace of mind thanks to a specific delete coloured indicator that changes colour to providing proof and verification of their sterilisation process.

The control solution for all sterilisation processes

self-adhesive control label

Steam sterilization

This is the benchmark for hospitals, and is carried out in an autoclave, under steam pressure, at a temperature and for a time that depend on the load of equipment involved.

self-adhesive control label

Ethylene oxide sterilization

Ethylene oxide gas, a bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal gas, is reserved for heat-sensitive equipment such as catheters, syringes and prostheses.

self-adhesive control label

Radiation sterilization

One of the most effective sterilization methods, with the advantage of being able to process materials or products that are already packaged. Very often used in the pharmaceutical, medical and agri-food industries.

Create your own customised sterilisation indicator

Design your own sterilisation indicator and add the functions you expect, such as a QR code or barcode, the ability to move parts of the holder during handling, the ability to reattach part of the label, always with the exceptional quality expected by healthcare professionals.

The different applicable technologies that can be used

Our business is to advise you

There are several different technologies that can be added to a sterilisation control label, and each technology has its own advantages and limitations. The choice of technology depends on the sterilization process used, regulatory requirements and the specific needs of the manufacturer or end user.

The label material
  • Paper
  • Plastic film
The label adhesive
  • Permanent (range of permanent adhesives)
  • Repositionable 2 or 3 times
The sterilisation indicator
  • Steam sterilisation (autoclave)
  • Ethylene oxide sterilisation (ETO / EO)
  • Sterilisation by ionising radiation 
Label specificity
  • A-particulate
  • Non A-particulate
  • label board
  • label roll
Fully customisable
  • Made-to-measure shapes and sizes
  • Random printing (Numbers/ Barcode)
  • Customised design
  • Appropriate witness form
  • Stylo / office printer/ thermal transfer printer

Applications for labels with sterilization indicators

Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Medical and pharmaceutical products must be sterilised before use to reduce the risk of infection to patients. Sterilisation control labels are used to ensure that products have been sterilised correctly and are safe to use.

Food industry

Sterilisation control labels are used to monitor the sterilisation of equipment used in food production, such as can fillers and autoclaves.

Research labs

Sterilisation control labels are used to monitor the sterilisation of laboratory equipment and research tools.

Cosmetics and personal care industry

Sterilisation control labels are used to monitor the sterilisation of production equipment such as mixers and storage tanks.

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At Gen Steril, we understand the challenges in the healthcare sector. That’s why we offer “made-to-measure” options tailored to the specific needs of your sterilisation process. We offer you the opportunity to exchange and share our know-how and ideas to best meet your needs with professionalism and good humour.

Unique expertise for your sterilisation markers

Who we are ?

30 years ago, Patrick Deschamps decided to create Gen’étiq in response to the lack of products on the adhesive label market for a specific product. Over this period, the needs of the company and its customers have evolved. Sterilization requirements emerged. So he put his resources and skills to work on the subject, and created Gen’Steril to meet them. Choose the options you need and Gen’Steril will take care of the rest.

Our labels with sterilisation indicators are designed to enable precise traceability and control of the sterilisation of medical and pharmaceutical products. Choose the technologies you need on your label and Gen’étiq takes care of the rest.

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